'I smoke, and I drink 3 cans of Red Bull a day': Football star Jamie Vardy owns his lifestyle

Nope, this isn't another quote from Paris Saint-Germain player Marco Verrati. Read on to find out who said this.

The Premier League just ended with a long-awaited victory for Liverpool. Manchester City, Chelsea, and Leicester also made it in the top five, leaving 5th place to Champions League finalist Tottenham. But the player we're talking about today is none other that one of Leicester's star players.

Top scorer... and a smoker

Jamie Vardy has been stacking goals for the Foxes for many years. The serial scorer just recently joined the Premier League 100 club. For the occasion, the English striker shared the miracle recipe that helped him reach the 100-goal milestone: energy drinks and cigarettes. That's all.

Jamie Vardy shared further details on his lifestyle, and you won't believe what he said:

“It’s just something I’ve always done and I’ve checked with the medical team and there’s nothing wrong with them. When was the last time I lifted a weight? Probably that can of Red Bull the other day! If I go to the gym it will slow me down! Not for weights or anything. Each and every person is different and this is just my way."

Clearly, -- and especially when compared to beast Cristiano Ronaldo -- Vardy is out of this world.

This is what happens when you drink 20 cans of Red Bull every day This is what happens when you drink 20 cans of Red Bull every day