Hilarious Video Of Jose Mourinho's Emotional Rollercoaster In Less Than 10 Seconds

On Sunday February 2, Jose Mourinho went from laughter to anger in an instant when his team won 2-0 against Manchester City. A scene that lit up the social networks at the beginning of the week.

Jose’s emotional rollercoaster

Jose Mourinho is a manager like no other, and he proved it for the umpteenth time this Sunday, February 2, when Tottenham and Manchester City met. In the first half, when the score was still nil-nil, City were awarded a penalty after Serge Aurier fouled Aguero in the box.

A penalty brilliantly saved by French international Hugo Lloris, who then threw himself on the ball, preventing Raheem Sterling from trying his luck. Sterling, meanwhile, took his turn collapsing in the box, trying to draw a second penalty. A dive that made Jose Mourinho and his assistant laugh, before remembering that Sterling could have received a second yellow and been sent off.

Indeed, the referee could have called diving and given Raheem Sterling his second yellow card of the match, which would have sent him off. It was Mourinho's assistant who realised this, unleashing the wrath of the ‘Special One.’ A scene that you can see in its entirety in the video above.

Tottenham 2-0 Manchester City

Tottenham's win at home was the perfect weekend's action as they returned to the top five in a Premiership largely dominated by Liverpool. If Jose Mourinho's men can no longer aim for the title, they can still hope to qualify for next season's Champions League. To do so, they will need to return to the top flight to make up ground on Chelsea and Leicester.

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