Griezmann Admits That He Has Difficulty Communicating With Messi

The relationship between Lionel Messi and Antoine Griezmann is not at its peak. The Argentine superstar was more interested in seeing his close friend Neymar return to the club than in recruiting the 2018 world champion. This is something that the Frenchman has been realising since the beginning of the season.

It is no secret that Lionel Messi was not very happy to see Antoine Griezmann join FC Barcelona. And this dissatisfaction was noticeable from the Frenchman's first few matches playing for his new team.

When asked in a press conference before the Champions League match against Inter Milan, Griezmann explained that the communication between him and La Pulga was complicated:

'Messi is not someone who talks a lot, and neither am I, so it is a little difficult for us to communicate. I got him some mate, so I think we're going in the right direction. But we must learn to make a connection, to improve it. I'm here to help.'

Going through a bad period after poor results with his club and physical problems, Lionel Messi expressed himself after the victory in C1 and said he was satisfied with how things are going:

'Of course, we have no problems, we learn to let things go. The relationship is good with everyone, the locker room is united. We were aware that things were not going well and we needed this victory to get things started. From now on, we have to get stronger, we have just won some important matches and we hope that this dynamic will continue.'

Now that things have been clarified, we are waiting for their relationship to evolve so that both of them can get the best out of themselves.

What can cause difficulties getting it up? What can cause difficulties getting it up?