Footballer Stops Mid-Match To Beg Congress To Ban Firearms

The former player from Nantes, Alejandro Bedoya, celebrated his goal against DC United by calling on American Congress to put an end to gun violence once and for all after the two mass shootings that took place in the USA this weekend. Check out the video for more on the story!

The United States have once again fallen victim to two terrible mass shootings this weekend. These events have obviously once again sparked the never-ending debate about firearm possession which has strongly divided American society. Very quickly, many public figures spoke out against the rules surrounding firearms like Alejandro Bedoya, the captain of Philadelphia in MLS.

Against DC United, the former FC Nantes player scored the first goal of the match in the third minute. By way of celebration, Bedoya got hold of one of the field microphones and screamed, ‘Congress, do something now! End gun violence! Let’s go!’

The American player also spoke out about this on Twitter.

‘Seeing more thoughts and prayers bullsh*t. Words without actions are just worthless. America, it seems, is becoming a dystopian society. Do something! Enough!’

Strong words, which quickly blew up on Twitter, just like his goal celebration which will probably go down in MLS history, the champion of local football. Check out the video above to find out more!

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