Football legend has been arrested on suspicion of domestic violence

Welsh coach and former Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs was arrested this weekend on alleged domestic violence charges.

Football legend has been arrested on suspicion of domestic violence
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Ryan Giggs denies the facts

This weekend, Ryan Giggs has been arrested on suspicion of domestic violence. The former crown jewel of Manchester United was arrested on Sunday after the police were called on the evening about possible domestic violence.

While Ryan Giggs has not directly spoken to the press, his representative has officially announced that the Welsh manager is firmly denying the allegations.

Mr Giggs denies all allegations of assault made against him. He is cooperating with the police and will continue to assist them with their ongoing investigations.

The Welsh Federation said in a statement that they are following the case closely. So far, no further comments have been made but an investigation is currently underway after being opened by the Welsh authorities.

At the head of the Welsh team

After starting out on the bench for the club that made him a legend, Ryan Giggs has been the manager for the Welsh national team since 2018. Wales has, in recent years and especially in the Euro 2016, made good progress and is gradually raising their standards, hoping to soon be able to compete with the best European nations.

If Ryan Giggs is found guilty of domestic violence, he will most likely have to step down as manager.