Diego Maradona has left a massive fortune to his children

Diego Maradona passed away at only 60 years of age. He leaves behind an immense fortune, and this inheritance will partly go to his many children.

November 25th, 2020 will forever remain a sad day in the history of football. It was on this day that Diego Armando Maradona died, at the age of 60, as a result of ‘secondary acute pulmonary oedema and exacerbated chronic heart failure.’ His death has aroused emotion, but also anger in the Maradona family, who point to ‘irregularities’ and even negligence when it comes to his death. An investigation into the matter has been opened by the Argentine justice system.

Who will inherit El Pibe de Oro's fortune?

Another problem will be added to this: the inheritance of the man who was nicknamed ‘El Pibe de Oro.’ He left a colossal fortune behind, and the Argentinean media have started to take stock of all the assets that he possessed. And there are many of them. In Argentina, he had five properties and four cars. In Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, he had two luxury cars: a Rolls Royce Ghost estimated at £270,000 and a BMX i8 estimated at £130,000.

That's not all, since, during his time as a trainer at Dynamo Brest in Belarus, he was given a diamond ring worth £270,000. Diego Maradona had also licensed his image to several clothing brands, and even to Konami, for the famous PES video game. Finally, Diego Maradona had invested in a hotel in Cuba, and also in Italy. It should not be forgotten that several football schools in China also bear his name.

Eight children

The Argentine justice system will have to account for all the star's assets, but also quantify his fortune, the exact amount of which is not known. But then, who will inherit all this? Diego Maradona had five recognised children: Diego Junior (34) born of an extramarital relationship with model Cristina Sinagra, Dalma, and Giannina (33 and 31) born of his union with Claudia Villafañe, Jana (24) born of his relationship with Valeria Sabalain and finally Diego Fernando (8) born of his relationship with Veronica Ojeda. In addition to this, Diego Maradona had three unrecognised children, born in Cuba between 2000 and 2005.

According to Argentine law, the legitimate share of the icon's inheritance is set at two-thirds of the assets. The inheritance will have to be divided among all these heirs, and a long battle is likely to ensue on this issue.

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Diego Maradona’s children left with just £4 million after riches potentially ‘pilfered’ Diego Maradona’s children left with just £4 million after riches potentially ‘pilfered’