Diego Forlan Talks About Cristiano Ronaldo's Legendary Ego!

Not everyone who's crossed paths with Cristiano Ronaldo was left with a good impression of him. What Diego Forlan had to say about him is proof.

Diego Forlan Talks About Cristiano Ronaldo's Legendary Ego!
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It's hard to scroll through recent Youtube videos about Cristiano Ronaldo without stumbling upon a compilation of all the emotional moments he's been a part of, like hugging a streaker or giving a jersey to a kid. But although CR7 is all grown up, his attitude was slightly strange in his earlier days with the notorious Manchester United.

And clearly, Diego Forlan, who was his teammate at the Red Devils in 2003-2004, wasn't left with the best impression of him. In an interview with the Mirror, the best player of the 2010 World Cup told a story that sums up Ronaldo's state of mind at the beginning of his career quite well: "Ronaldo was an egotist in the dressing room — not like Beckham. Cristiano always wanted to be near a mirror. He spent all day looking in the mirror."

An arrogance that is sometimes hard to tolerate for his teammates, and has probably pushed him to live up to his own statements. A true workaholic, Cristiano Ronaldo no longer has anything to prove, and that's probably why he's been giving fewer and fewer interviews!