Cristiano Ronaldo's Fans Left Bemused By Star's Latest Insta Posts

The Juventus football player has once again sparked controversy with his latest Instagram post. We have all the details for you!

Cristiano Ronaldo is an international sports star. He is one of the best football players of all time. To this day, he continues to be a legend, through impressive goals and winning all the competitions he's in.

Although in the last edition of the Champions League, he was eliminated by the amazing Ajax, the truth is that the Portuguese player already has his eye on the next season, which will surely be a very high stakes and of course, he wants to win it at all coast.

The other faces of Cristiano Ronaldo

The former Madrid player doesn't just spend his time kicking a ball, he also takes care of his appearance, which has also become his personal brand. And thanks to it, he now has different products on the market, such as the latest shoes he just promoted on Instagram.

"Every time I wear my Amalfi shoes I feel legendary," Ronaldo wrote in his post. And although Cristiano has often been criticized for being stingy, he's now being criticized for different reasons. We'll give you all the details in the video above!

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Image: @cristiano - Instagram

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