Cristiano Ronaldo Admits To Having Bought His Accuser's Silence

According to TMZ, court documents show that Cristiano Ronaldo admitted to having bought the accuser's silence in his 2010 rape case.

Last July, American prosecutors dropped rape charges against Cristiano Ronaldo, due to a lack of evidence. A relief for the Portuguese football player, who could finally put a case that had been hanging over him for more than 10 years behind him. However, he probably won't be too happy about this recently leaked information.

According to the American tabloid news website TMZ, who went through a number of court documents regarding this case, Cristiano Ronaldo officially admitted that, in 2010, he paid the complainant, Kathryn Mayorga, £300,000 euros to silence her. The media had already made speculations about this on several occasions, but it is now official.

This practice is totally legal in the United States. The same document, still according to TMZ, shows that Cristiano Ronaldo had agreed to pay to prevent the case from going public, while continuing to deny allegations against him. Cristiano Ronaldo has always admitted to having sex with Kathryn Mayorga, but claims that she consented to it.

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