A French Footballer Was Suspended for Doing Something Unthinkable to Another Player

While most amateur sporting events and players go unnoticed, occasionally they do make headlines when a player makes an incredible play or in this case, does something just plain crazy.

While there have been many documented and even televised instances of players doing crazy things, such as Manchester United's Eric Cantona's flying kung-fu kick on a fan to more brutal examples of how heated a football match can get. Such as the riot at a football match in Egypt that saw 80 people killed and more than 100 injured.

Say what you will, football is a game of passion as well as skill, and when fights break out, players and fans alike have each other's backs when it comes to defending themselves from the opposing team.

In France, an amateur football match between AS Soetrich and SC Terville turned to turmoil after a fight broke out. An AS Seotrich player attached a player on the opposing team who attempted to break up the fight by biting him... on the penis.

Now, as men, you'd like to believe we could all come to certain understandings when it comes to a brawl. One of those understandings being, do not mess with another mans genitals. Well, sometimes in the world of sport, all logical and rational thinking goes out the window and passion and rage tend to take over.

This rage driven act ended up causing the Terville player to require immediate medical attention and resulted in the player requiring 10 stitches and 4 days off of work.

According to LorraineActu after an investigation was conducted by the leagues governing body and witness accounts were collected, there was a decision made to fine both clubs 200 euros due to the fight that broke out between the two teams. The player who bit the other man on the penis was also given a 5-year suspension.

The victim had also been given a suspension though it's safe to say he might have been wanting to take a little time off anyways.

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