A Brazilian Referee Masterfully Faked Out a Player in the Middle of a Match

During a friendly match bringing together the best players in the Ecuadorian league, a Brazilian journalist, the referee for the occasion pulled off a perfect fake out in the middle of the match!

In Ecuador, the end of the season is celebrated with an all-star match featuring all the best players in the league. For the occasion, Fernanda Colombo,a Brazilian journalist used to refereeing this kind of meeting, was in the centre of the field.

In an industry where women are still not taking seriously enough, feminist Megan Rapinoe used her acceptance speech when she won the FIFA Women’s Player award to draw attention to this issue, Fermanda Colombo decided to play a little trick to one of the players.

And as in this kind of match, the atmosphere is more fun than anything else; Fernanda Colombo did not deprive herself of the opportunity to make her mark on the match. When she pretended to pull a card out of her pocket while looking a player straight in the eye, she actually pulled out... a handkerchief to wipe her forehead!

Obviously, the player took it very well, like all the other players on the pitch, who found it hilarious. We clearly prefer this type of attitude, since we know that some referees often receive harsh criticism.

Don't forget that next season, the refereeing in Ligue 1 will undergo a small revolution since it will welcome a woman for the first time, Stéphanie Frappart.

A woman referee was violently assaulted during an amateur football match A woman referee was violently assaulted during an amateur football match