You can now strike gold with BrewDog’s Punk IPA

UK brewery BrewDog has launched an exciting competition. Buy a 12 pack of Punk IPA for your chance to find one of 10 solid gold cans and win £25K worth of prizes!

That’s right, BrewDog has launched its ultimate competition and also satisfied our Charlie and the Chocolate factory dreams by hiding golden cans amongst their 12 packs of Punk IPA.

Those lucky enough to find one of the 10 solid gold cans will effectively receive one less beer than they paid for but the winning prizes far outweigh any brew.

What are the prizes?

Those lucky enough to win will not only get to keep the gold can worth £15k but they will also each receive £10k worth of shares in the company, as well as a VIP tour of the brewery in Scotland led by company founders James Watt and Martin Dickie.

And, if you don’t drink from the chocolate river or chew on any untested gum then you might just win the whole factory!

How to be in to win

Now if you may be tempted to run down to your local shops to buy that 12 pack and hope you find a particularly heavy box. But, this won’t get you anywhere. To be in to win you need to purchase a 12 pack of Punk IPA straight from the BrewDog website.

Then, if you are one of the lucky 10 winners, you will actually first receive a dummy can which will need to be exchanged for the real 24-carat prize, produced in partnership with Thomas Lyte, Goldsmiths and Silversmiths.

And, if you don’t end up winning a golden can you’ll at least have a full 12 pack of BrewDog's finest to drown your sorrows.

Brewdog are giving away free beer to everyone in the UK Brewdog are giving away free beer to everyone in the UK