Tyrrell's Are Launching A Limited Edition Flavour Of 'Aphrodisiac' Crisps Just In Time For Valentine's Day

Our favourite classy-yet-quirky brand of crisps, Tyrrells is launching a fancy new flavour of crisps - with aphrodisiac properties. Well, that's one way to spice things up for Valentine's day...

With an array of treats hitting the supermarkets in the name of Valentine's day, Tyrrell's decided to join the romantic fesitivities with a lovey-dovey product of their own - and it definitely proves to be a little more interesting than your average heart-shaped box of chocolates.

The world's first 'sexy' crisp

Indeed, the fancy crisp brand have gone on to launch the very first product of its kind: an aphrodisiac potato crisp. With the 'sexy' combination of honey and chilli, the product claims to have a provocative effect on consumption, with the packet label making its objective (and a saucy one, at that) very clear: to 'spice up your Valentine's'. Whilst the savoury treat sounds nothing other than delicious, it also claims that the combination of the two sensual flavours works to 'tinker with hormone levels' as well as to 'trigger nerve endings on the tongue, releasing endorphins and increasing your heart rate'.

Science or just a myth?

Despite sounding far-fetched, there is some backing to the flavour combination that Tyrrells picked out for the limited edition product, with honey being considered the 'liquid gold' that promotes sexual stimulation for centuries whilst the spice of the chilli helps to boost libido - although this isn't definite science.

Speaking about the product, Tyrrell's Marketing Manager, Sarah Lawson explained: "At Tyrrells, we're always looking for ways to introduce new and different additions that bring our unique and often quirky personality to life." The new naughty edition of the crisp is now available at select stores, which means that you can pop out and try one of these bad boys for yourself. If the worst comes to worst and you don't turn into a sex god in the sack, you'll still be one delicious pack of crisps better off in life!

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