This Man Had To Have His Hand Amputated After Eating In A Sushi Restaurant

This Man Had To Have His Hand Amputated After Eating In A Sushi Restaurant

Doctors first thought it was a simple case of food poisoning after a 71-year-old Korean man ate seafood in a sushi restaurant and later showed up at A&E, suffering from pains in his left hand. The doctors did not have a choice and decided to amputate. 

A man showed up in a hospital in Korea, roughly a dozen hours after eating seafood in a sushi restaurant. He had haemorrhagic bubbles measuring from 3 to 4 centimetres on the palm of his left hand, causing it to swell up, whilst purple blisters also appeared.

A Vibrio vulnificus infection

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Doctors diagnosed an infection called Vibrio vulnificus, bacteria present in estuaries and in water close to ports. Despite an emergency operation, surgeons could not save man’s forearm, on which skin lesions had developed into necrotic ulcers. Doctors decided to amputate his left forearm around twenty days after his dinner in the sushi restaurant.

Suffering from diabetes

The hospitalised man was suffering from renal failure and type 2 diabetes, explained doctors from the New England Journal of Medicine. They also said that patients suffering from certain immune disorders or cancer risk complications if they are contaminated by Vibrio vulnificus. According to Hello Doctor, in 2016 23 people were infected by this bacteria and 5 died in the United States.


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