This Is How Many Mon Chéri Chocolates It Takes to Get Drunk
This Is How Many Mon Chéri Chocolates It Takes to Get Drunk
This Is How Many Mon Chéri Chocolates It Takes to Get Drunk
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This is how many Mon Chéri chocolates it takes to get drunk

Mon Chéri, the French cherry liqueur chocolates, have raised an existential question: how many would you have to eat to get drunk? Allow us to answer this important question!

Mon Chéri chocolates are made by the Ferrero Group. They consist of a dark chocolate coating, filled with candied cherry, and cherry liqueur from Fundão, Portugal. It's true that, like After Eight's, these chocolates are controversial: you either love them or hate them.

Yet, one question puzzles many people, even though we don't all have the same tolerance when it comes to alcohol: how many would you have to eat to exceed the blood alcohol limit, and therefore be too drunk to drive?

How much alcohol in a Mon Chéri chocolate?

There is 13% cherry liqueur in Mon Chéri chocolates, consisting of 'glucose syrup, water, alcohol, sugar, and flavourings,' as stated on the packaging. According to Ferrero, 'the alcohol content of Mon Chéri chocolates is 8ml/100g,' so 8 ml of pure alcohol per 100g of chocolate.

If a cross product is made with the weight of a Mon Chéri chocolate, and the weight of alcohol in a package, we have 0.8 grams of alcohol per Mon Chéri chocolate.

Chocolate calculations

In the UK, the blood alcohol limit for driving is 0.8 grams per litre of blood. To calculate the amount of alcohol in a man's blood, the Widmark formula can be used, which is as follows:

BAC = amount of alcohol in grams / (weight in kg x 0.7)

Use 0.6 instead of 0.7 if calculating for a woman.

For a man weighing 12,5 stone (80 kg), to exceed the legal limit, he would have to ingest 28 g of pure alcohol ((0.5 x 80 x 0.7)). So he would have to eat... 35 Mon Chéri chocolates (0.8g of alcohol in each) to be drunk in the eyes of the law. Using the same method, a woman weighing 9,5 stone (60 kg) would have to eat 23 chocolates.

However, before eating enough chocolatesto get drunk, or even feel the slightest effects of the alcohol, you would most likely vomit! Not to mention the cavities!

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