She Completely Lost It At McDonald's Because Of a Mistake With Her Order (VIDEO)

McDonald’s is a regular venue for strange stories to occur. And this recent viral video of a customer going wild because of a mistake with her order is just more proof to add to the list.

Every McDonald’s regular knows that when you go to the drive-thru, it’s always a good idea to check your order before you leave. Sometimes there may be something missing and if you don’t check, you might not realise until you get home. Needless to say, that’s not the most pleasant experience. But when some people examine their bag when they leave the drive-thru and find something missing, it’s doesn't always go so well. This video posted by 7sur7 that recently went viral on social media is proof of just that. In the video, you can see a McDonald’s customer in Belgium pretty much jump down one of the servers throats due to a problem with her order.

The sauce of discord

It all started when the customer realised that the McDonald’s employees had forgotten to pack sauce for her kids’ fries.

My kids don’t eat fries without sauce.

When confronted by the customer and her angry complaint, the server asked to see her receipt to verify that she had ordered food from the establishment. This triggered the client’s rage who angrily responded with:

Excuse me? My receipt? Give me my sauce or I’ll call the police.

In the middle of her confrontation with the server, she even went so far as to insult him. She then noticed that the people in the car next to her were filming the scene and started shouting at them to get them to stop recording the scene.

We don’t know exactly how the story ended, but we bet the servers at McDonald’s that day will remember it for a long time!

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