Scientists Have Created A Butter With Just A Quarter Of The Calories

You may not have thought you needed it, yet science has created it. Scientists at Cornell University have come up with a new kind of butter that contains only a quarter of the calories found in ‘real' butter.

It’s no secret that people love butter. Whether it is sweet or lightly salted, butter holds a special place in the hearts of many people, so much so in fact that it is estimated that 60% of UK citizens have high cholesterol. And since cutting it out completely is just unthinkable, it’s no surprise that ‘light' alternatives flourish in supermarkets.

The problem is that these products aren’t exactly better for you. But for all you lovers of bread and butter out there, American scientists have come to the rescue. A team of scientists from Cornell University in the United States have developed a new kind of butter. Made of 80% water, this alternative contains just 2.8 grams of fat and only 25.2 calories per 100 grams… four times less than the calories in ‘real' butter.

Recipe for success

To make this substitute, scientists used all their inventiveness and creativity in the lab. They combined carrageenan (red algae extract) with beeswax and rapeseed oil and mixed it with water. Their secret ingredient is a high internal phase emulsion which stabilises the mixture so it both looks and feels like a buttery spread.

Despite all this, ‘real' butter still contains fats that are essential for healthy brain function. As with many good things in life, it’s all about moderation.

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