McDonald’s Monopoly Is Coming Back With an Exciting New Prize

McDonald’s Monopoly is coming back after two and a half years, and to celebrate, they’re introducing a special new prize.

For the last two and a half years, McDonald’s Monopoly has left a hole in our hearts. But, the franchise has just announced that the popular sticker collecting game is making a return and to celebrate, they’re introducing a brand new prize that rewards the winner with free food.

You could win a year’s worth of free McDonald’s

This year, McDonald’s is adding a new prize to their highly anticipated Monopoly game, and it’s a big one. The fast-food franchise is giving away VIP Gold Cards for the first time ever. Unlike a Golden Ticket, this particular prize won’t give you a tour of Ronald McDonald’s special factory where everything is edible. Still, recipients will receive a free McDonald’s meal every week for a year, which is just as good.

McDonald’s is only giving out 1,000 of these VIP cards alongside the Monopoly, which is set to be launched on the 25th of August and will be running for a full six weeks.

If a full year of Big Macs and chicken nuggets sounds like heaven to you, McDonald’s has some more good news: you don’t have to wait until the 25th to try your chances as 10 of these VIP Gold Cards will be up for grabs if you register and enter through the McDonald’s app before the 24th of August.

McDonald’s explained: ‘It's time to roll out the red carpet for ten lucky Monopoly superfans! McDonald's is offering customers the chance to win a McDonald's VIP Gold Card, and all you have to do is register and enter through the My McDonald's app.’

It has been a long two-and-a-half-year wait for the return of Monopoly at McDonald's, and to make up for lost time, McDonald's is bringing a taste of the VIP experience to customers across the UK.

Maccas continued: ‘From 11 August, customers will have the opportunity to join an elite club of superfans by giving you the chance to win a VIP Gold Card. No blue tick needed here; the McDonald's VIP Gold Card is strictly for customers, just like you.’

Don’t be surprised if your Monopoly cards are outdated

McDonald’s has also warned that those participating in the Monopoly may witness some outdated game pieces due to a packaging postponement mid-production that left over 200 million Monopoly tokens already printed and dated.

Instead of wasting the packaging, McDonald’s has decided to repurpose it to ensure that Maccas Monopoly could make its grand return.

Affected game pieces will be marked with the wrong date. But, McDonald’s has set up a link to check your Monopoly piece,so you don’t miss out on a chance to win that VIP Gold Card.

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