McDonald’s is offering new customers 50% off this week!

Do you have the McDonald’s app yet? If not, this could be your chance to get 50% off your favourite meals!

If you’re looking for a bargain then look no further, McDonald’s is giving customers a 50% off discount and all you need to do is download their app.

If you’ve never downloaded the McDonald’s app before, the fast-food giant will present you with a 50% discount if you sign up by November 1st. That’s just four days away, so get cracking!

How to redeem the offer

To take advantage of your newbie status, all you need to do is open the app and head to the ‘deals’ section where you can select the 50% off offer. From there, you can just place your order like normal and the discount will be applied. However, the discount is only valid for 36 days so make sure you don’t forget to use it!

There is absolutely no minimum spend with this deal so if you really just wanted an 89p burger you can get away with paying just 45p. But, we really recommend you save the discount for a big order to really make the most of it.

Unfortunately, as McDonald’s is a franchise, not all stores will be participating in the deal. To see if your local Macca’s is taking part you can check out the terms and conditions here.

Already have the McDonald’s app

For those of you who already downloaded the Mcdonald’s app, you have not been forgotten. Our favourite burger chain also has a deal in place where you can get £5 off orders over £15 until the 1st of November. Again, that’s just four days so don’t sleep on it!

These deals could not have come at a better time. Recently McDonald’s as added five new and exciting menu items to the list, including the all too controversial Spicy Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

Other items on the list include a Quarter Pounder Deluxe, a McChicken BLT and Nacho Cheese Wedges which come in two portion sizes. However, if you’re more of a breakfast person Macca’s has also introduced a new Breakfast Roll that has the fixings of every McMuffin.

McDonald’s is giving away free chicken nuggets this week, here’s how to get in on the deal McDonald’s is giving away free chicken nuggets this week, here’s how to get in on the deal