McDonald’s is introducing a never-seen-before menu item

For the first time in the UK, McDonald's is introducing a chicken Big Mac, to its menu.

McDonald’s is introducing a chicken Big Mac, which replaces the traditional beef patties with two crispy fillets and its trademark sauce. From February 2, the burger will be available in 1,300 McDonald's UK restaurants. The new addition comes after McDonald’s recently removed two of its popular items from the breakfast menu. However, fans only have until March 15 to place an order with the fast-food giant.

A little extra for the taste

The chicken Big Mac costs 50p more than a standard Big Mac, which costs £3.59. The prices would vary from branch to branch. The sandwich costs £4.09, and a medium meal with chips and a drink is £5.59 whereas a large meal would cost £5.99. It contains 544kcal, which is more than the regular Big Mac that had 508kcal.

The Big Mac is a classic burger that has been available in the United Kingdom since 1974. The chicken Big Mac is already on the menu and famed in Australia, but this is the first time it's being served in the UK. Customers can make their own chicken Big Macs by ordering two mayo chicken sandwiches and assembling their own burgers.

Wholesome revamp

In other tastier news, the double Big Mac is set to return to UK menus on the same day next month as the chicken Big Mac is being introduced. Mozzarella dippers, as well as Galaxy chocolate and salted caramel McFlurries, will also make a return for a new wholesome makeover of the fast-food chain. Last year, McDonald’s enraged customers by pulling the chicken legend from the menu and now, it's making a comeback.

McDonald's also introduced the McPlant which is essentially a meat-free patty with vegan cheese. The addition has been available in all of its locations since last month. After removing a few items from its menu, it is set to add new items for customers. In their official statement, McDonald’s implied that there will be new additions this year, albeit it did not specify what those additions might be.

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