McDonald’s is giving away free chicken nuggets this week, here’s how to get in on the deal

McDonald’s just keeps on giving, this week our favourite franchise is handing out free chicken nuggets for a whole week! Here’s how you can get your hands on those golden nuggets of goodness.

This year, McDonald’s has really been treating us all to not only some great new productsbut also some great deals. This week, our favourite post booze burger joint is offering up one of our most desired treats, free six-packs of chicken nuggets.

That’s right, every day this week until the 27th of November, McDonald’s will sneak a free six-pack of chicken nuggets into your order as a Black Friday treat.

All you need to do to secure one of these boxes of treasure is place an order through the Just Eat app that includes a Big Macor a Big Mac Extra Value Meal… I mean if a Big Mac wasn’t already going to be part of your order then you definitely aren’t doing it right.

Then when your meal is delivered to your door you should find that special chicken treat inside.

Andrew Kenny, UK Managing Director of Just Eat spoke about the great new Black Friday offer stating:

While our customers are hunting out the best Black Friday deals online, Just Eat is delighted to be able to deliver some extra joy to their homes - a free side of six McNuggets with every eligible Big Mac order is a great little reward for all that effort.

What’s with the Double Big Mac Burger?

McDonald’s Christmas menu is already outand one of their brand new offerings comes to us straight from the states… The Double Big Mac Burger.

The four-pattied burger was poised to be one of the headlining acts on the Christmas menu. But for just £4.19, this beast of a burger has been earning some complaints from customers for being a little dry.

Luckily, one internet hero took to social media to deliver us a fast food hack from the gods. All you need to do is ask for an extra slice of cheese and some extra Big Mac sauce and you should be back in burger heaven.

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