McDonald’s is bringing back the Double Big Mac-but it comes at a cost

McDonald's is switching up its menu once again. And, while the Double Big Mac is returning, you may be saying goodbye to some other cherished items.

All those who froth a Big Mac will be happy to hear that their favourite burger will soon be available on an even larger scale. That’s right; McDonald’s is bringing back the Double Big Mac.

For those that aren’t already on the edge of their seats, let us explain what all the hype is about.

The Double Big Mac is just like a regular Big Mac but comes packed with twice the meat. So, instead of getting two beef patties between three buns, those who opt for a Double Big Mac will be blessed with four beef patties- that’s basically the whole cow if you ask us.

Not to mention the Double Big Mac comes with all the classic staples like pickles, cheese, lettuce, that sweet, finely chopped onion, and of course, a generous lashing of Big Mac sauce.

This isn’t the first time Brits have seen Double Big Macs on McDonald’s menus, but tragically, the burger wasn’t meant to stay.

It seems that McDonald’s has since been listening to the pleas of its fans and have decided to bring back the Double Big Mac. The coveted burger will be available from October 6th for £4.19 or £5.69 for a medium combo. However, there’s a catch. The Double Big Mac will only be available for six weeks, so you better make sure to get your fill while it lasts.

The Double Big Mac isn’t the only item making a comeback at McDonald’s

It seems that McD’s has been in a giving mood lately as the Double Big Mac isn’t the only menu item that will be making a return.

The Crunchie McFlurry is among the other fast-food favourites making a comeback as well as the Nacho Cheese Wedges; nacho cheese and spicy jalapeno bites covered in a crispy, crunchy coating and served with a sour cream and chives dip.

Time to say goodbye to these favourite Maccas items

Unfortunately, McDonald’s giveth and McDonald’s taketh away.

While we may celebrate the return of the Double Big Mac, the Crunchie McFlurry and the Nacho Cheese Wedges, we will also have to say goodbye to three other popular menu items.

The Big Tasty, the Chicken BBQ Smokehouse and the Mozzarella Dippers will all be taken off the menu soon, so best to get them while they’re still available!

Who knows, just like many other favourite McDonald’s dishes, these three items may one day come back around again.

McDonald’s is bringing back the big tasty from today! McDonald’s is bringing back the big tasty from today!