Five Guys is now launching a new Biscoff milkshake!

Five Guys is definitely making their way into our good books as the fast food joint has announced they will be introducing a Lotus Biscoff milkshake mix-in!

Biscoff lovers will soon be flocking to their local Five Guys as the burger joint has announced that they will be introducing their very own Biscoff milkshake mix-ins.

Biscoff teased the caramelised biscuit spin-off earlier this week by releasing a social media post of the blurred out shake promising that the delicious treat was coming to the fast-food joint.

And, just as we had all been hoping for, Five Guys confirmed the new milkshake via Instagram on Tuesday. Answering all our prayers the fast-food company stated:

Check it out!! The NEW @lotusbiscoffUK shake mix-in is here to spice up your life 🤤 ⁣ (Biscuits not included 😉)⁣

The caption was accompanied by an incredibly thick looking milkshake topped with a layer of whipped cream and two of the UK's most coveted cookies.

The milkshake is available all across the UK now for £5.50. While that may sound a bit steep just remember this milkshake is so thick that it's basically a dessert. And, it's a mix-in which means you are at the complete liberty to customise your Biscoff treat.

What Is A Five Guys Milkshake Mix-In?

For those who aren't so familiar with Five Guy's mix-ins, the idea is that you can mix-in delicious adding of your choice into a specially formulated, rich, vanilla milkshake. The mix-ins are complimentary to the vanilla flavour and include strawberry, coffee, double stuffed Oreos, applewood smoked bacon, and now Biscoff.

Even better you can mix and match the additions to create your own custom milkshake. Does the idea of coffee and Biscoff make you drool? Or dare we say... Biscoff and bacon?

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