Eating Too Much Sushi Could Be Seriously Dangerous To Your Health

Sushi is in, and we can understand why! It’s delicious and refreshing, and it makes a change from what we usually eat. However, is it good for our health? Not really...

Sushi has a lot of good qualities, and frankly it would be difficult to do without it. However, it has two disadvantages: its price, and above all its impact on your health if you eat too much.

For the American dietician Barbie Boules, this food is a ‘rather healthy’ alternative. However she advises not to eat more than 2-3 rolls (around 15 pieces) a week because of the raw fish. Why? Firstly, there are dangers of mercury poisoning, especially with tuna, which is a predator at the top of the food chain (unlike salmon or prawns) explains Claire Martin, co-founder of the site Being Healthfull.

But there are many more risks, and not negligible ones either: dizziness, headaches, brain damage, etc. To limit these as much as possible, Barbie Boules has the perfect recipe:

‘To balance out your nutrients (and lessen your mercury intake), I recommend building your sushi order by choosing one roll (five pieces) with a low-mercury raw fish, then loading up on veggie options or cooked shrimp and crab.’

Now you know what to order!

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