Aldi is now selling McDonald’s dupes including Big Stacks and nuggets

A new range of McDonald’s-inspired frozen foods is coming to Aldi in the next week.

Recreating fast food favourites at home has been a trend for a while now. But if you don’t fancy going through the faff of making homemade nuggets that taste just like McDonald's' ones (recipe here if you do), Aldi just might have the solution, as they’re set to sell a new range of McDonald’s-inspired products.

Aldi Big Mac dupe

Shoppers can now pick up a Snacksters ‘Big Stack’ burger which features two tasty lean beef patties, three buns, lettuce, cheese and of course, a special sauce. The burger has actually been available for a while from Iceland, where it gets mostly positive reviews, with many saying it tastes just like a Big Mac!

The Big Stack burger is set to be sold at Aldi for £1.49. That’s a penny cheaper than its price at Iceland but less than half the price of a Big Mac from McDonald’s, which would set you back £3.19. That being said, you do then have to put the burger together yourself - reviewers recommend preparing the components separately as the buns can go soggy in the microwave and are better toasted.

Aldi nuggets and hash browns

Aldi will also be selling boxes of two more McDonald’s favourites—nuggets and hash browns. The frozen Breakfast Hash Browns will come in a 500g box of 10. Priced at £1.49, they can be heated up in an oven, air fryer or pan. Usually, you’d pay 89p for a single hash brown, so this is a big saving.

Meanwhile, the Chicken Nuggets (£1.69) will come in a 300g box of 12 which also contains BBQ and sweet chilli dipping sauces. In a McDonald’s restaurant, you’d pay £3.49 for just 9 McNuggets. While the Big Stack burger is already on sale in Aldi stores, the nuggets and hash browns are expected to arrive in stores on 24th May.

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