A third of vegetarians eat meat when they get drunk

This is the astonishing result of a survey of 1,800 English vegetarians by an online price comparison group.

Some people, at some point in their life, decide to stop eating meat. Each person does for their own different reasons. But very often, it is more about convictions than about taste, they have an ethos they want to live up to. Though if you're sceptical about this, here's something that may change your mind!

Apparently, alcohol is not a vegetarian's best friend. Well at least, this is what emerges from a survey conducted by Voucher Codes Pro, an online price comparator, when it polled about 1,800 vegetarianism adherents in the United Kingdom.

37% of drunk vegetarians fall for meat's lures

When asked: 'When you are drunk, do you or have you ever eaten meat?' 37% of vegetarians admit that they sometimes fall for meat after getting smashed. Worse: 34% even confided that it happened to them... every evening where they get a little tipsy.

And what kind of meat do drunk vegetarians eat? The first place in the 'snack of shame' goes, maybe unsurprisingly, to the kebab (39%), followed by the beef burger (34%). The first two are of course the drunk's classics. Then we find bacon (27%), fried chicken (19%) and pork sausages (14%), as you can discover in our video at the top of the article.

'It is important for friends of these vegetarians to support them'

Moreover, the study also specifies that 69% of wayward vegetarians hide their misconduct from their loved ones out of shame. Breaking what for some amounts to an oath and an ethical principle can be confidence-shattering. George Charles, founder of the website behind the study, says:

It is important for the friends of these vegetarians to support them when they are drunk and to encourage them not to eat meat,
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