A Former McDonald’s Employee Explains Why You Should Always Ask for a Receipt

Find yourself always saying 'Keep the receipt' after your order? One former McDonald's employee explains you could be missing out on better burgers!

If you've developed the reflex of turning down your receipt every time you pop by over to McDonald's for a cheeky Big Mac, you may want to break the habit immediately. After making your order at McDonald's, don’t hesitate to ask for your receipt—it could be pretty important to you.

A tastier burger

According to a former McDonald's employee on Quora, there are several secrets that make grant you a better experience each time to place your order. The most crucial of which is always insisting for a receipt. McDonald's employees are more attentive to clients who ask for a receipt and serve them the warmest and freshest possible burgers and fries.

The reason?

Mystery shopper

Simple: if you ask for your receipt, McDonald's employees may think you could be a mystery shopper, meaning a customer paid by the company to try out the restaurant. Mystery shoppers always ask for a receipt so that they can be reimbursed later. After their visit, these mystery shoppers make a report about what they didn’t like so that the restaurant can improve on these weak points for normal customers.

So don't be shy—always ask!

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