A Family Made a Disgusting Discovery In a Packet Of Pasta

A family had the unpleasant surprise of discovering something disgusting inside their packet of pasta.

After an internal investigation, the Panzani brand of pasta claims no responsibility in the case. The family will nevertheless be reimbursed by the shop where they bought the pasta.

‘They were climbing out of the pot. It was really disgusting.’

This event is enough to send a chill up all pasta lovers’ spines! The mother of the family who made the terrible discovery is still in shock when she tells the story... She was surprised to find worms swimming amongst her elbow macaroni as it was cooking. This sordid find traumatised her children in particular:

They were climbing out of the pot. It was really disgusting (…) My children don't even want to hear about pasta anymore.

The expiry date is not in question since the package was dated May 2023. The mother of the family immediately contacted the shop where she had bought her packet of pasta the day before. The shop then referred her to the Panzani brand's customer service department.

Panzani accepts no liability

The pasta brand simply replied that this ‘can happen’ because of the flour. This was not satisfactory for the young mother who wanted to get to the bottom of this story.

After an internal investigation based on the batch number of the pasta packet, Panzani accepted no responsibility:

This pasta was produced on May 2, 2020 and had been delivered for several months without us having had any further claims of this nature. The fact that this consumer found worms indicates that the insects appeared in the packet very recently, the egg-to-worm and adult cycle takes between 3 and 4 weeks depending on the outside temperature.

But where did these mysterious worms come from, and how did they get there? The shop in question announced that it was making a gesture of goodwill by reimbursing the customer, adding that there have been no other reports of this type. Perhaps the answer will come from the shop since an ‘internal investigation has been launched and the shop is waiting for further information from the customer.’

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