When Martyn Ford Dared To Do Leg Day With Eddie Hall

Future MMA fighter Martyn Ford has been training in the gym with Eddie Hall. All we can say is that the former bodybuilder looks like he really had a hard time with it.

Martyn Ford shook both the bodybuilding and the MMA world when he announced that he wanted to turn to mixed martial arts. Although this tournament isn’t until 2019, the Englishman seems to have somewhat been neglecting the gym to concentrate on his new discipline.

Unfortunately for him, he crossed paths with Eddie Hall, who is also currently switching his focus. The former strongman made him endure an intense leg session that Ford had clearly been neglecting, at least that’s what he posted on his Instagram account.

‘I haven’t done any bodybuilding training now for 5-6 wks, focusing purely on MMA, body weight and fitness work… so I’ll give my pal @eddiehallwsm a call and see if he fancies doing legs or fun […] needless to say I won’t be making that mistake twice lol.’

Martyn Ford ended up posting two exercises on social media: squats and leg extensions. In the second, we can see the intense amount of effort he’s putting in, although his technique is flawed, and we can see how much pressure is being put on his back to compensate for the fatigue in his legs. We wouldn’t dare tell him that in person though, but if you’re going to try it, remember to make sure you do it properly and you have a good technique.

Eddie Hall Blacks Out While Doing a 1000kg Leg Press Eddie Hall Blacks Out While Doing a 1000kg Leg Press