Try This Superset To Get Fitter This Summer, You Can Even Do It On The Beach

Pull up. Burpee. Pull up. Burpee. Pull up. Burpee.

When you think about going to the beach, you don’t often think about working out. But nowadays, lots of beaches are also equipped with body weight training equipment, which means you can spend a bit less this summer, not push yourself too much, but still stay in shape.

This is a very simple circuit and was created by Gideon Akande. The only thing you need is a chin up bar. How convenient, that’s usually the kind of equipment that you can find at the beach.

Start by doing a pull up. Then follow it up with a burpee. Keep doing this until you’re exhausted. Take a break, let the sweat run down your face and start again. In about ten minutes, you will have done your workout for the day.

Anna Wilkins
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