This Three-Technique Workout Is Equivalent To A Triathlon

Formula 3 is a workout routine that uses three different methods. Using a rowing machine, kettlebells and your own bodyweight, the 50 minutes that it calls for are so intense that the effects on your body are the same as if you were to do a triathlon.

Formula 3 is a workout using a circuit system that targets the entire body and works at a high intensity. It can be compared to a session of HIIT, but the big different is that it requires different approaches as well as multiple blocks of work.

‘The whole workout is harder than the sum of its parts, as your body not only deals with the workout but also deals with the changes in work,’ explains this workouts creator, Luke Barnsley.

‘The class has three distinct components. Rowing, kettlebell work and bodyweight work. Each component lasts 4 to 5 minutes and runs at a high intensity. In total you visit each component 3 times, combining to make for a 50-minute killer workout.’ As a result of this and in terms of energy used, this workout can be compared to the equivalent of a triathlon.

Formula 3: Block 1

1. Rowing machine: Start by doing four sprints of 30 seconds, split up with 30 seconds of rest. In total, this part of the workout will last four minutes, and these sprints must all be done thoroughly.

2. Kettlebell swings: For this second section, you’ll do mini circuits of swings, one-leg deadlifts and thrusters. Start with four reps in the first round and add two reps to each exercise with each new round. Don’t take any breaks in between and try to see just how much you can do in four minutes.

3. Bodyweight: To finish this block, you have burpees using the EMOM method for four minutes. That means you have 12 burpees to do per minute, and the faster you do them, the more time you have to rest while you wait for the next minute. In total, this section composes of 48 burpees in four minutes.

Formula 3: Block 2

1. Rowing machine: In these four minutes, try to go as far as you can. Over time and depending on how many sessions you do, you’ll be able to go further and further.

2. Kettlebell swings: For this part, you’ll be going back to the EMOM method, doing 20 swings and 10 press ups a minute. But make sure you always have a good form.

3. Bodyweight: This section is done like a superset. You’ll do 21 reps of two exercises (squat jumps and burpees), then 15, then 9. The challenge is to finish everything within 4 minutes.

Formula 3 is therefore very intense. Now, you can adapt it depending on your level. To complete it, you’d normally do 3 rounds, but one or two can be enough, especially if you want to end with a flourish.

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