This Simple Method Will Help You Calculate Your Ideal Weight

This Simple Method Will Help You Calculate Your Ideal Weight

The festive season is over and chances are you’ve gained a pound or ten. Don’t feel bad – we have too. There’s still loads of time to prepare before summer arrives, so check the video and find a surefire method to calculate what your target should be!

What’s a healthy body weight for you? You can find out right now in not even a minute! Using the CREFF formula, determining it has never been easier.

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Before jumping into the calculation, you’ve got to determine your body type. Take your thumb and index finger and wrap them around your wrist. If your thumb overlaps the index finger, you’ve got a small body type. If they meet without any overlap, you’ve got an average body type. If the two fingers don’t meet at all, then you can consider yourself someone with a broad body type. Now onto the calculation!

For smaller body types: [(height in cm – 100) + (age/10)] * 0.9²

For more average body types:  [(height in cm – 100) + (age/10)] * 0.9

For broader body types: [(height in cm – 100) + (age/10)] * 0.9 * 1.1

With this calculation, you’ve got your ideal body weight in kilograms. If you want to convert to pounds, multiply the final number by 2.2.

Check out the video above for a full explanation! 

Stacey Williams
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