This Russian Kid Has The Most Insane Workout You've Ever Witnessed

This Russian Kid Has The Most Insane Workout You've Ever Witnessed

Russia is a country that is full of talent for combat sports. And Khabib Nurmagomedov’s country is working on a new legend for us.

Nikita Kasayanov still has a long way to go (and soup to eat) to get to Nikolay Valuev’s level. But at the age of 8, this young Russian is already showing a lot of us up.

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It has to be said that the boy was already boxing by the age of 6 and training at Bupas Gym in Moscow where a certain George Chelokhsaev came from, who hit an opponent so hard he did the chicken dance across the ring. Nikita trains here multiple times a week with a personal trainer and posts his training routines on Instagram. Shadow boxing, punching bags, spinning bar, anything goes. However, it seems that the young Russian hasn’t found a sparring partner yet.

As well as perfecting his speed and technique, Nikita also has a personal trainer who trains him in the same way as some professional boxers are trained. Sledge hammers, battle ropes, agility ladders, deadlifts and even squats on a balance dome, this 8-year-old boxer works out in a way that is worthy of some great athletes, all while keeping his childlike spirit.

We hope to see more of him in a decade or so! Check out the video above to see his training for yourself!

Anna Wilkins
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