This Man Broke The World Record For The Most Push-Ups In 8 Hours

This Man Broke The World Record For The Most Push-Ups In 8 Hours

Brett Masserant, a 29-year old man from the United States, beat the world record in 2016 for the most push-ups performed in 8 hours.

Practically without stopping, he managed to do 13,186 push-ups—for an average of 1,648 per hour or 27 per minute! That’s no small thing…and now that it’s written down in the Guinness World Records, there’s not much of a chance that someone will take his title too quickly.

Before this feat, Brett Masserant had already managed to beat the records of most push-ups performed in one minute (77 repetitions) and of most 27.2 kg weighted push-ups (59 repetitions). Push-ups are clearly his specialty—a specialty that has garnered him some notable fame, but not as much as other athletes with their records.

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The most famous remains Hafthor Bjornsson, otherwise known as The Mountain from Game of Thrones, who recently performed a 440 kg squat. Squarely the strongest man on earth, the Mountain isn’t stopping there—apparently, he hopes to soon blast through other records. A push-up record, maybe? Given his size (400 pounds), that one might be a little tough!

As for Brett, he says he’s getting ready to try to break the 12-hour record now…

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