This Is What Jean-Claude Van Damme Eats To Keep Fit At 58

In an interview with GQ, the Belgian actor unveiled the secrets of his diet which keeps him fit at 58 years old.

‘I love water. In 20, 30 years there won’t be any more.’ This famous quote by Jean Claude Van Damme made us all laugh at the time. Although there is still water on Earth, one wonders what the Belgian actor is drinking now. Especially at 58, Van Damme ​​is still in flawless shape. In an interview with GQ, he confided the secrets of his diet.

‘I think you should eat what makes you feel good. Not necessarily cream cheese, cake and chocolate all the time. Your body knows what it wants. After so many years, my body knows what it wants to eat. Believe it or not, I can feel it.’

What makes him feel good are vegetables. Jean-Claude Van Damme eats them in large quantities, but beware, it is essential to remove the skin. ‘You have to peel the tomatoes. You have to peel the peaches. You have to peel the apples, not just wash them. In our eyes it's microscopic, but the skin of the tomato is a protective wall,’ he explained to GQ.

Berries, omega 3s and little meat

If he had any advice to give to someone who eats a bit of everything in the morning, it would be to eat berries. ‘Blueberries, strawberries, all kinds of berries with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.’ As for other meals, Jean-Claude Van Damme avoids eating meat and egg whites. He favours Omega 3s, without being a big fan of fish. ‘You don’t need fish, you can have Omegas with vegetable or fish oil,’ says the actor.

Another tip to keep his flawless figure: Eat more than three times a day. Indeed, according to Van Damme, only three meals a day promotes fat storage because our bodies must wait before being satiated. He eats six to seven times a day, in small quantities and with quality products. Not to mention drinking water, of course.

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