This Is The Insane Fitness Programme Anthony Joshua Uses To Strengthen His Neck

Before facing off against Povetkin, Anthony Joshua had to prepare physically, especially his neck.

Anthony Joshua won in a very evenly matched fight against Alexander Povetkin. The world heavyweight champion has held on to his belt, all thanks to intense training. We recently unveiled his diet during the preparation for his fight, here we will focus on his training methods.

Usually, Joshua prefers dynamic stretching opposed to a classic workout. This was still the case in his preparation before going up against Povetkin at Wembley. On his Instagram account the world champion posted a video of him performing neck bridges.

Good or bad for the neck?

Given the pressure exerted on the back of the head and the whole neck, one can ask about the danger surrounding this type movement. Know that Anthony Joshua does this exercise regularly, so for him there is no real danger, since before there wasn’t any for Mike Tyson either by the way.

Someone who has never tried to strengthen their neck could hurt themselves. Fortunately, there are alternatives, beginning with using your arm to withstand against the pressure. Do not hesitate to use a cushion to avoid hurting yourself. Otherwise, doing this exercise by leaning against a wall is even less dangerous.

For the more reluctant, there are other techniques that can strengthen the neck.

Get A Body Like Anthony Joshua's With His Unique Training Tips Get A Body Like Anthony Joshua's With His Unique Training Tips