This Is The Ideal Pre-Beach Workout
This Is The Ideal Pre-Beach Workout
This Is The Ideal Pre-Beach Workout
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This Is The Ideal Pre-Beach Workout

By Rob Mitchell
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Did you not have the time nor motivation to work on your beach bod before the summer? It’s not too late, thanks to this perfect workout which can be done right before you go work on your tan.

Spread the word, not everyone has been able to work on their dream beach body for the summer. Even though it's different for everyone, for some it might become a complex and end up not wanting to go to the beach at all.

But don’t give up! There are a thousand and one ways to build muscles and here’s one of them, which will allow you to strut your stuff on the sand before the gorgeous weather disappears.

The beach workout

- Single leg hip thrusts: 12 reps per leg

- Wide grip pushups: 20 reps

- Supinated pull-ups: 10-12 reps

- Bicep curls with resistance band: 12-15 reps

Take 15 seconds of rest between each exercise, then one minute at the end of the workout. Try to do this circuit at least twice in a row.

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