This Is Jason Statham's Incredible Workout Plan - And It Doesn't Require Any Equipment

Want to know the secret to get a physique like Statham? The key lies in a minimal yet effective workout plan.

Jason Statham, one of the biggest action stars of this generation, is known for an impressively cut physique. Throughout his twenty year career in Hollywood, he’s had to undergo numerous physical transformations to play his many different characters.

Before filming the sequel to Crank, one of his most well-known films, he adopted an explosive workout plan exercising six days a week. This bare-bones regime got him in “prison shape” and saw him shed ten kilograms in just six weeks. Never clocking in at more than 40 minutes, his time spent in the gym was more than efficient.

Looking to pick up a few tips on how you can work some of his workout into your own? Check out the video and get some inspiration. Combine that with drive and a strong work ethic and you’ll see results in no time!

Check Out Jason Statham's Insane Equipment-Free Workout Check Out Jason Statham's Insane Equipment-Free Workout