This Is How Exercise Can Get Rid Of Your Wrinkles

A study conducted in Canada shows that exercise has a positive impact on the skin, reducing its ageing while ensuring better health for people over 40.

Why wrinkles?

There are several reasons why wrinkles can appear quickly on one’s face. After the age of 40, the upper layer of the skin called the ‘stratum corneum’ thickens, becoming drier and denser. Below, another layer called the ‘dermis,’ on the other hand, becomes thinner, losing elasticity and cells, giving the skin a translucent and flaccid appearance.

Exercise, a remedy for everything and which does not cost much

A study conducted by McMaster University in Ontario looked at the impact of physical activity on wrinkles in people over 40. The results showed that exercising for at least 3 hours per week significantly reduced the ageing process.

This was observed by Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky: ‘Under the microscope, the skin of the volunteers who participated in the experiment looked like that of a much younger person, and the only thing they had done was a little exercise. This explanation is partly related to the secretion of substances by moving muscles called ‘IL-15.’

No motivation? A few simple changes can be enough

Exercise is not necessarily a chore and can be discreetly introduced into daily life through small changes, or by doing something one enjoys. For example activities such as gardening or going to work by bike.

All good reasons therefore to get started.... So get your trainers on!

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