Chris Pratt Reveals How He Gets Motivated To Work Out

Chris Pratt Reveals How He Gets Motivated To Work Out

In an Instagram story, Chris Pratt explains that he realized the truth about motivation. The American actor says that sometimes you just have to start the work when you don't want to do it. Inspiring.

Motivation is not a constant. In everyday life, you have to be able to be able to tackle a number of professional or personal tasks back-to-back to achieve results. Bodybuilding is one of those things where your motivation fluctuates over time.

But sometimes, you get motivated after you've gotten started, which is something that Chris Pratt realized recently.

The American actor, whose transformation has repeatedly been used as a source of inspiration, expressed this in an inspiring speech he made on his Instagram story.

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"I had a realization today that I wanted to share with you guys in this vein of motivating one another... It was 38 minutes and 56 seconds into this workout on the treadmill, just walking, uphill, I have a bit of a back issue I’m working through. Right now I’m just walking uphill. About 38 minutes in, it clicked in my mind that I actually wanted to be here."

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"You can make that decision to go motivate yourself and do the work, but sometimes the work come first. Sometimes you start the work when you don’t want to do it. And then the want comes after the physical. You can get stuck in a hole where you just don’t want to work out and you never do. Day becomes a week, week becomes a month, month becomes a year, and year becomes years, and you don’t feel good about it."

Chris Pratt ends his speech with a message to anyone who needs motivation to get off the couch. "And so I challenge you if you’re in that state where you don’t want to do it, go find the want. It may be 38 minutes into your workout. Once you get it and you feel it, your whole day’s different."

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