This American Just Lifted Over 10,000 Kilos In Less Than A Minute

An American from Massachusetts, Raymond Saraiva, recently broke the world record for the heaviest sumo deadlift in 1 minute with 10,548.74kg.

The sumo deadlift is different from the traditional deadlift because it is performed with the legs spread wide apart for a higher concentration of weight. Raymond Saraiva realised he was unusually gifted in this particular exercise after multiple training sessions in preparation for a competition.

He then got it into his head that he wanted to beat the pre-existing record that was 9,129.9kg. He therefore chose a bar weighing 185.1kg and managed to lift it 57 times in just 1 minute, accounting for almost one rep per second. From his rhythm, technique and strength, this America powerlifter managed to pull off undoubtedly one of the best performances of his life. Why not get inspired by his technique and determination so that you too can surpass yourself.

Check out the video above to see Saraiva's incredible feat for yourself!

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