This 68-Year-Old Grandmother Is Unbelievably Strong

Angela Graham was offered 25,000 dollars to fly overseas and wrestle a 25-year-old man.

Angela Graham is no ordinary grandmother. She's a bodybuilder who can lift her own body weight.

Angela got into bodybuilding through an old boyfriend she'd met whilst working as a glamour model. He took her along to a gym in the mid-70s and Angela was hooked. When she saw a photo of American bodybuilder Lisa Lyon in a magazine she decided that she wanted to look like her. Though her boyfriend scoffed, Angela persevered and her hard work has certainly paid off.

She went on to win numerous bodybuilding competitions through the 1980s and is still training today.

Although she found success with bodybuilding, it did mean that her modelling career suffered as people weren't used to seeing muscular women. Angela has a positive attitude, though, saying 'If you don't like the way I look, look away; if you don't like the person I am, walk away.'

She says she receives a lot of attention from 'weedy men' who want her to dominate them. However, other men at her gym say they'd never approach her on a night out because she's 'intimidating'.

Angela intends to keep training through thick and thin. She's already trained while on crutches and in plaster so it doesn't seem like anything can stop her!

Check out the video above to see Angela in action!

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