These Two Machines Built Their Huge Bodies Without Equipment Or Dietary Supplements

These two Guinean sportsmen are setting an example!

Nowadays, bodybuilding is becoming more and more complicated. Specific equipment is becoming more and more common, and it’s very rare to find bodybuilders capable of building a huge, sculpted body just with classic equipment.

What’s more, supplements have supplanted specific diets. The time of traditional bodybuilding, the kind you would find on Muscle Beach in America, at Venice, or on action film legends such as Danny Trejo or Arnold Schwarzenegger, seems to have evolved. However, some sportsmen and women are still training naturally.

Alseny and Sekou, two Guinean sportsmen, have their own method of sculpting an incredibly muscular frame. The two friends never train in a gym: their only way of working out is from doing press-ups, pull-ups, and gymnastics. No equipment, no dietary supplements, the pair has gone back to bodybuilding basics. Hats off to them!

Check out the video above to see more of this incredible duo!

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