These Are The Top 20 Most Impressive Booties On Instagram

Fitness has become fashionable again and it is everywhere on Instagram. To stay motivated all the time, here are the 19 fitness models that will motivate you even more to go to the gym.

Nope, it’s not just men that go to the weights room. Since women are being seen more and more often in the Temple, as a consequence, we’re seeing it more and more on social media as well. There are hundreds of fitness models out there nowadays, generally on Instagram. Yoga, fitness, running or even nutritional advice, there is something for everyone.

But as we’re rather hooked on weight training at the moment, we’ve created a list of the women who do it quite regularly. What is different about this classic selection of fitgirls is that in this list, it’s full of the types of people who work on an area that you generally don’t bother so much with, the butt. Do they do it to motivate people to go to the gym more often or to undermine the way others do leg day? That’s for you to decide, and it’s not just the women on this list that have impressive buns. There are a lot more where this comes from.

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