These are the best YouTube channels for staying active at home

If you want to set up a fitness routine at home, it is essential to have some knowledge about the exercises you need to do. Here are several Youtube channels that can help.

These are the best YouTube channels for staying active at home
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Exercising at home

Whether it is occasional or regular, physical activity is not always easy to do at home. When alone at home, it can be difficult to find the motivation to start working out. And if it's not a lack of motivation, it may be the lack of knowledge in terms of exercises that prevent you from properly embarking on your quest for fitness.

However, setting up a regular exercise routine at home is beneficial for many reasons. First, it allows you to work out without necessarily having to set aside a few hours to go to the gym, or to another sports facility. On days when time is short, a simple half-hour workout at home won't take up too much time, and it will allow you to stay on schedule with your workout sessions.

An exercise routine of less than an hour can be much more effective than irregular sessions at the gym. It is better to have short workouts regularly, instead of pushing yourself hard at the gym once a month.

For those whose fitness knowledge is limited, know that many Youtube channels are dedicated to fitness and other exercise-related topics, such as nutrition and recovery. Here are several channels that can help you improve your knowledge on the topic.

The best Youtube channels

Gentside Fitness: You can find numerous exercises concerning all of the various muscle groups directly on our website, as well as various programs depending on your objectives. Our fitness category is right here!

Pamela Reif: Just like on your parents' old VHS tapes that are lying around, Pamela Reif offers workouts set to music, which are meant to be done along with her. A private fitness instructorright in your living room!

Nassim Sahili: On his YouTube channel, Nassim focuses his workout videos on the importance of nutrition, and knowing your own body. We can never repeat it enough, working out without putting any thought into it is not enough to improve, and can even be dangerous. That's why learning while working out is a great way to make rapid progress.