The US Army's Fitness Test Is The Hardest It's Ever Been - Could You Take On The Challenge?

The US army has updated its entry level fitness test. Made up of various different exercises this test is an all encompassing workout of cardiovascular endurance and physical strength.

Each exercise has three levels of difficulty basic, strong and elite. In order to pass the test, you need to attain at least basic status on every exercise. From deadlifts to a monster power challenge right at the end, this test is designed to push you to your absolute limits.

1.Hex bar deadlifts:

3 reps, your level is calculated based on the weight you lift.

Basic: 54-104kg

Strong: 55-128kg

Elite: 159-180kg

2. T Stop Press ups:

You have 2 minutes to do as many reps as possible.

Basic: 15-30 reps

Strong: 31-60 reps

Elite: 61-80 reps

3. Leg tucks:

From a hang, touch your elbows by raising your knees and return to starting position. Do as many reps as possible.

Basic: 3-5 reps

Strong: 6-13 reps

Elite: 14-25 reps

4. Standing power throw:

Holding a 4.5kg medicine ball, throw it backwards from a squat position. (Measure in centimetres).

Basic: 350-799cm

Strong: 800-1,199cm

Elite: 1,200cm +

5. 250m Sprint/drag/carry:

Start off with a sprint followed by 45kg sled drag followed by a second sprint and an 18kg kettle-bell carry. Top it all off with a 3rd and final sprint. Each exercise is to be done over 50m so 250m in total

Basic: 3 min-2 min 10s

Strong: 2 min 9s- 1 min 50s

Elite: 1 min 49s- 1 min 30s

And if all that wasn’t enough, imagine having to then pull off a 2 mile run in under 21 minutes. Madness!

Check out the video above to see this brutal fitness test for yourself!

This Bodybuilder Tried the US Marine Fitness Test and Almost Passed Out (VIDEO) This Bodybuilder Tried the US Marine Fitness Test and Almost Passed Out (VIDEO)