The Two Exercises You Can Do With A Towel To Work On Your Back And Strengthen Your Grip

Your towel isn’t just good for drying yourself after a shower. And here is the proof.

There are dozens and dozens of accessories used for weight training that have been developed by professionals, tested in factories and then sold in different colours and materials. And then there’s your towel, that doesn’t just have to be used to dry yourself off after a shower but can also be used for lots of exercises.

Anouk Garnier has already explained how this kind of special accessory is practical and useful for improving the strength of your grip. And now Ebenezer Samuel has also come up with two exercises you can do with a towel that train your back and the strength of your grip.

Exercise 1: reverse rows with a towel

Using a bar fixed to a rack or a smith machine, put your feet on a bench and position yourself below the bar. Wrap your towel around the bar and hanging on to it, pull yourself as close as possible to the bar while tensing your back muscles.

Do four sets of 6-8 reps.

Exercise 2: towel-grip dumbbell rows

This is almost exactly the same as a classic dumbbell row, but instead of holding the bar, you’re holding onto your towel that is wrapped around the dumbbell instead.

Do 8 reps with the towel, then 4 to 6 reps without it. Do 4 sets of this per each arm.

These are variants of exercises that already exist. Try to master the original exercises first before throwing the towel into the mix. To improve your grip even more, you could take off your gloves or even work on your forearms more.

Two Simple And Effective Exercises You Can Do To Safely Work On Your Shoulders Two Simple And Effective Exercises You Can Do To Safely Work On Your Shoulders