The Stick Burpee Challenge Is The New CrossFit Challenge Of The Year

For those who love challenges, this is the stick burpee challenge. It’s a new way to do burpees without using your hands.

We’ve definitely seen more than a few strange challenges over the years, but this one really takes the cake; it’s called the ‘Stick Burpee Challenge.’ Watch and you’ll quickly understand why it’s called that.

On his Facebook account Jonas Parandian, a Swedish fitness coach, published a video of him performing the challenge. At first glance we were a bit dubious about the purpose of looking like a caterpillar and smashing your face with all your weight.

An exercise not as stupid as it seems

And yet, there is a real purpose to doing this exercise. When you don’t use your arms the movement of the legs, and also of the abs is much greater. The balance of the entire body is also strengthened when it comes to controlling the descent of the body and raising it vertically.

The CrossFit coach explains what you need to do to accomplish a successful stick burpee. ‘Place the stick behind your back. The chest and thighs must rub against the floor. Finish each repetition in a standing up position. Do as many as you can in one minute!’, he says in his description.

In total Jonas Parandian manages to do 19 in one minute. Can you do better?

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