The Silly Mistakes That Show That You're A Newbie In The Gym

When you start weight training, you’re not going to be a pro right away. Here are some of the most common mistakes that beginners make in the gym.

When you’re new in the gym, it’s usually quite obvious. This is usually because of the amount of muscle you have since it hasn’t developed properly yet, but is also from your attitude, which, like everyone starting out at something, is sometimes a bit strange.

Here is a list of mistakes to avoid if you want to start off right:

- Forgetting your gym stuff like your water bottle and towel.

- Not asking coaches questions about the exercises - it’s what they’re there for!

- Doing exercises wrong because you didn’t bother to ask how to do them properly.

- Not warming up and throwing yourself in at the deep end straight away.

- Trying to lift the same weight as someone else with more experience.

- Not stretching after your workout.

All of the mistakes listed above are important to avoid if you want to have an effective weight-training routine and not look silly when you first start out.

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