The Rock Reveals His Ultimate Leg Day Routine

The Rock Reveals His Ultimate Leg Day Routine

No rest day for Dwayne Johnson! The movie star said that even on Sundays he went to the gym and told us a little about his leg work out. Don’t skip leg day!

Here are the details of Dwayne Johnson’s training ritual:

1.       Hip Trust : 3x8 reps

2.       Pit Shark :3x8 reps

3.       Thigh presses :  3x10 reps

4.       Squat :3x25 reps

If you think this workout is too easy, remember that there are no breaks allowed between each exercise and that you have to do each set at least 3 times. Don’t forget to adapt the intensity of the workout or the number of reps you do depending on your level.

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To end this session, Dwayne Johnson also focusses on his calves and does these two exercises:

1.       Leg Curl : 3x8 reps

2.       Calf Raises :3x15 or 20 reps

• Will Armstrong
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